Our 2018 Parade of Farms will showcase a multitude of farms surrounding the Waimanalo area.

Compilation of Farm Logos_Updated April 2018

Read on to learn more about each farm participating in the 2018 Parade of Farms.

CTAHR Waimanalo Research Station

CTAHRThe UH CTAHR Waimanalo Research Station is a 128-acre farm that is currently used for CTAHR faculty, staff and students to learn/research new farming techniques, crop varieties, aquaponics and more. Current activities at the station include growing truck crops, tropical fruit trees, entomology, cover crops, vegetable breeding, papaya breeding, post-harvest research, beekeeping, taro research and organic and sustainable research.
The Waimanalo Research Station will be featured during the free open house from 9AM – 3PM.

Frankie’s Nursery

Frankie's Nursery-pending approval

Frank Sekiya first started his nursery in 1979 in Mililani around his mother’s house as a hobby. As time went on, his nursery become more than just a hobby which resulted in the start of his commercial nursery in Waimanalo in 1987, featuring more than 400 species of plants. Today, Frankie’s Nursery is most well-known for its exotic fruit trees from around the world with Frank & Lynn Sekiya sharing their immense knowledge with visitors, locals, farmers and more. As part of his many years working with plants, Frank created the Meli Kalima pineapple, known as the “sweetest pineapple in the world”.
Frankie’s Nursery will be featured on Tour #1: Slice of Paradise 9:00AM – 11:00AM.

GoFarm Hawai’i

GoFarm HawaiiGoFarm Hawai’i has become one of the largest and most successful beginning farmer development programs in the nation since its creation in 2012. As part of the University of Hawai’i, GoFarm has multiple sites throughout the state that allow new & beginning farmers to learn from agriculture professionals in areas such as marketing, crop selection, business planning and more. GoFarm Hawai’i-Waimanalo is the original home site of GoFarm with students of all levels growing and farming locally.
GoFarm will be featured on Tour #3: Cultivating Our Future 9:45AM – 10:45AM.

Kanu Farms

Kanu Farms LogoKanu Farms’ goal is to create perennial ecosystems that imitate nature featuring small orchards of figs, citrus, mango, avocado, papaya, lychee, apples as well as raising Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) chickens for eggs. Part of their mission is to create healthy topsoil which Kanu Farms does by increasing soil biodiversity through using natural farming techniques such as indigenous microbes (IMOs), using nitrogen-fixing cover crops and using minimal inputs to help create a healthy soil ecosystem. Kanu Farms uses natural techniques to improve soil health and reduce water use all while providing a bounty of produce and fresh eggs.
Kanu Farms will be featured on Tour #5: Natural Nalo 12:30PM – 2:30PM.

Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii

THHTherapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii’s goal is to improve the minds and bodies of their riders using their horses as partners. Riders build strength in their bodies by learning to groom, saddle and ride while improving their confidence by learning from the horses and receiving unconditional love that only animals can provide. Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii specializes in riding instruction for special needs individuals, but provides therapeutic riding to individuals of any ability. Their mini horses visit individuals who cannot visit our program, due to physical or financial reasons.
Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii will be featured on Tour #7: Horsin’ Around Waimanalo 1:15PM – 3:00PM.


Yogarden LogoYogarden Farm is located in the back roads of Waimanalo and uses regenerative farming practices to rebuild the ‘aina from which the food is grown. Their products are grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Yogarden is currently farming turmeric and vegetables, which are sold every Sunday at the Kailua Town Farmers Market at the Friends with Farms Coop booth.  Yogarden’s vision is to bring community together to support a conscious & healthy lifestyle, welcoming in new friends every week through our volunteer farm days.
Yogarden will be featured on Tour #5: Natural Nalo 12:30PM – 2:30PM.