Our 2019 Parade of Farms will showcase farms in and around Wai‘anae.

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Read on to learn more about the farms participating in the 2019 Parade of Farms -Wai‘anae event.

Kahumana Organic Farms & Cafe

Transparent Kahumana Logo
Kahumana Organic Farm is a place of learning and vocational training for families transitioning from homelessness, people with disabilities, and youth. Reconnecting with the land through farming is a key stepping stone toward leading a more healthy, productive and balanced life. At the heart of our community, we have been a diverse farm using regenerative and biodynamic methods since our community was founded in 1978. Our farm and farmers together are like a self-sufficient organism: using the resources of the sun, soil, and water to create a hearty compost where fruit, vegetables, and livestock can thrive.

Ka‘ala Farm

Ka‘ala Farm is an ancient agricultural complex, restored and producing kalo as KAALA FARM INC-LOGOour ancestors did for centuries. This Cultural Learning Center is where learning comes alive for thousands of school children in our hands-on science program every year. It is a cultural place where Hawaiian traditions are practiced daily to make people and communities stronger. Today Ka‘ala Farm aims to improve community food security on the Wai`anae Coast by connecting families and community members to the `aina through growing kalo and other traditional foods in the cooperative community gardens at the Learning Center.

MA‘O Organic Farms

Ma'o Organic Farm LogoMala ʻAi ʻOpio Community Food Systems Initiative or MAʻO was established to recognize our land and youth as our most important assets and to catalyze educational and entrepreneurial opportunities around these assets to address the root causes of our own cultural, social, economic and environmental poverty. MAʻO is an acronym for mala (garden) ʻai (food) ʻopio (youth) or youth food garden and affirms our belief that when we reconnect and restore the relationship between the land and the people, we are able to return abundance and prosperity to youth, to their families and to the community.

Tolentino Farms

The Tolentino Family has been farming in the secluded Lualualei Valley on the Wai‘anae TolentinoFarms_Symbol_Black-01coast of O‘ahu since 1982. After farming for some time, they started to notice a decrease in their harvests as well as noticed a lack of pollinators in their fields. Out of desperation to save their farm, they started hand-pollinating vegetable blossoms in 2008 to save their fields. Understanding the connection between pollinators and their crops, the Tolentinos partnered with the University of Hawai‘i Honeybee Project to adopt their first beehive in 2009. Today, Tolentino Farms has grown into the Tolentino Honey Co. which provides local honey to outlets throughout Hawai‘i with the bees helping to pollinate their fields once again.

‘Ili’ili Farms

Iliili-logoIli’ili Farms is run by Hawaii-born Dan and his wife Mei. In their past careers, Dan was a general contractor and Mei was a real estate broker. Combining Dan’s structural engineering experience and Mei’s horticulture skills, they transformed an abandoned orchid house into a flourishing aquaponics farm. Today, they produce a variety of crops including: Manoa lettuce, red and green salad varieties, bok choy, watercress, green onions, mint, lilikoi and more. Their produce can often be found at Foodland, Times, Whole Foods, and Down to Earth as well as the Farmers’ Market at Ward Warehouse. Their produce has also been featured in a variety of restaurants including Artizen by MWMW Restaurant, BLT Steak, BLT Market and Fete Hawaii.