1:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Depart from & arrive back at Kahumana Organic Farm & Cafe

With so many types of agriculture, where do you start? Take this tour to get the ABC’s in agriculture: Aquaculture, Bees, and Crops! From honey tastings to farm-raised tilapia, meet Tolentino Farms and Ili’ili Farms to see these diversified farms unique to Wai’anae.
Three generations of the Tolentino family are on the farm cultivating crops and producing local honey. Learn the history of the Tolentinos and how they came to “bee.” From dry land kalo (taro) fields, to honey tastings, get a chance to walk the fields of the Tolentino Farm and learn about how they created this family-owned and operated agricultural enterprise.
Additionally, get an up close and personal experience with a certified organic aquaponics farm in Waianae. Meet the owners and operators of this sustainable farm that produces local greens and tilapia for local communities. Learn about the aquaponics system and maybe even see if it’s something you can start in your home garden.